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Today, we had the privilege of receiving Gynvael Coldwind in one of our team meetings! Gynvael was in Lisbon to talk about what drives him in information security for the student-organized conference SINFO, taking place at IST.

First, a wonderful talk in the conference, during which he shared with the audience his passion for security research, explaining, for example, a few exploits which he had found interesting: like a side-channel attack on Mumble or the CRIME attack on HTTPS.

Then, he was quite helpful and very friendly, answering (a lot of) questions from older and younger members of our team, in what was a very out of the ordinary meeting from what we are used to. We were able to get some tips for playing and organizing CTFs, but also got to know a bit more of the inside of the best CTF team in the world last year, Dragon Sector, with some interesting and playful stories about them.

We would like to thank Gynvael for giving us the opportunity to share this awesome (little) time with him, wish the best of luck for him and for Dragon Sector, and hope that they are able to attain (somehow) even better results than last year. We hope you enjoyed Portugal, and expect to see you again sometime, maybe in a CTF final against STT. Who knows…