Are you constantly anoyed by not beeing able to decrypt that weak cypher? Does lack of php object injection skills describe you? Tired of not knowing who to call when you can’t pwn that damn elf? Say no more! STT is here to the rescue. With our new 0x1337 website we rz da only sec team u’ll ever need.

We are STT, the security club of Instituto Superior Técnico.

We are a group of IST students and our goal is to learn more about security while having fun playing CTFs. There are CTFs every weekend and we usually play one live CTF per month. We meet in the Computer Science Department building (Informática 2) and play the whole weekend together. Well, we usually go home to sleep from Saturday to Sunday but you may stay around for the 48h.

We also meet every other week on our group sessions. There we try to learn new tools and solve challenges. See our agenda for the current semester.

For more information contact us or our mentor Professor Pedro Adão.

Come and join us! Have fun while learning more about security.


Here is a brief description of our best accomplishments:

Top-3 results:

  • 3rd - CSAW CTF Final EUROPE 2018



  • 3rd - CSAW CTF Final EUROPE
  • 11th - RuCTF Finals


  • 5th - CSAW CTF Final EUROPE
  • 15th - VolgaCTF Finals

Top-10 results:


  • 10th - RuCTFE
  • 3rd - CSAW CTF Fina EUROPE
  • 10th - CSAW CTF Qualification
  • 9th - FAUST CTF
  • 7th - VolgaCTF Quals
  • 9th - UCSB iCTF
  • 10th - NeverLAN CTF
  • 4th - EvlzCTF


  • 5th - CSAW CTF Final EUROPE
  • 7th - RHme3 Qualifiers
  • 8th - PHDays VII CTF
  • 8th - INS’hAck
  • 10th - VolgaCTF Quals