Do you want to join STT? Please fill in this form and show up in one of our group sessions or CTFs.

We meet every other week on our group sessions. There, we try to learn new tools and solve challenges.

Since we are an academic team of IST, you need to be an IST student to participate.

Why Join STT?

🛡️ Dive Deep into Cybersecurity

Discover the thrilling world of cybersecurity with a hands-on approach. By participating in CTF competitions alongside us, you’ll gain practical experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

🤝 Connect with Like-minded Individuals

Join a community of passionate cybersecurity enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find teammates eager to share knowledge and grow together.

📚 Exclusive Access to Resources

Unlock a treasure trove of learning materials designed to sharpen your skills.

🌟 Boost Your Resume

Being a member of STT is becoming a badge of honor in Portugal. Our reputation has grown nationally, and we’ve even snapped a selfie with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa! Explore our media presence on IST or simply Google us.

What We Expect from Our New Recruits

  • A genuine interest in cybersecurity.
  • A drive to acquire new skills and constantly improve.
  • Active participation in our biweekly meetings.
  • Enthusiasm for CTF competitions. Sit with experienced members, ask questions, collaborate, and immerse yourself in challenges.

What We Don’t Expect

  • Becoming an expert overnight.
  • Scoring a flag in your first competition (a flag is a unique password for each challenge, earning us points).
  • Attending meetings without engaging in CTFs.

Feeling Nervous About Competitions?

You’re not alone! Many of our seasoned members felt the same way initially. But guess what? They persisted, and now they’re among our top players.

Here’s our advice: Dive into CTFs. They’re not just beneficial for the team but for your personal growth as well. Initial frustrations are natural, but with persistence, they fade.

And remember, sometimes it’s the fresh perspective of a newcomer that spots the tiny detail we missed. Your contribution, no matter how small, can be the key to our next victory. Every bit of help counts!

See our Agenda for our group sessions and meetings during the current semester.

For more information contact us or our mentor Professor Pedro Adão.