On November 8th 2018 took place the CSAW 2018, the largest student-run cybersecurity event in the world. The CSAW CTF ran simultaneously on-site on 6 different regions of the world (US-Canada, India, Mexico, Mena, Europe and Israel) and lasted for 36 hours.

The European Final was hosted at Grenoble INP Esisar where the STT team played. The team was represented by Afonso Santos, Manuel Goulão, Nuno Sabino and Vasco Franco.

The team played very well and for some time was able to reach 1st place. In the end, the team could still hold a place on the podium, an amazing 3rd place in CSAW-Europe competition and 10th place worldwide.

We thank the organizers and challenge creators. And expect to be there next year!

Alt text Left to right: Afonso Santos, Vasco Franco, Nuno Sabino, Manuel Goulão