In the last week, STT headed to Yekaterinburg to participate in RuCTF Finals 2018. RuCTF is an annual intercollegiate competition and conference on information security. This year’s finals took place in Yekaterinburg on April 15, and was preceeded by a 2-day conference on April 13-14.

STT team was composed by Afonso Santos, Diogo Silva, Filipe Casal, João Godinho, Manuel Goulão, Nuno Sabino, and Vasco Franco.

To qualify for this final, STT had to compete in the online qualification round (9h) on December 2, 2017, where they ranked 29th, over a total of 150 teams. The top-25 academic teams were invited to participate in the on-site Finals.

During the 9h final, the team was simultaneously attacking other all the other teams, as well as defending from incoming attacks from them. In the end, the team ranked 11h out of the 26 playing teams.

Thanks to our sponsors, Department of Computer Science, Instituto Superior Técnico, Tekever, and Instituto de Telecomunicações for making this possible.

Alt text 2018-04-15 Playing the CTF at Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, Yekaterinburg. Left to right: João Godinho, Manuel Goulão, Diogo Silva, Afonso Santos, Filipe Casal, Vasco Franco, Nuno Sabino.